Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Six!

Our sweet Aubrey is six! She was so excited that her birthday this year was on 8/9/10. A special day for sure! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. How is she six already? She is anxious to start first grade on Monday and will do awesome! She loves to learn and loves to make new friends. She is always the one at the park to come home saying she made a new friend- most of the time she doesn't know the child's name, but they have had a great time. Here she is playing grocery clerk at Discovery Gateway with a few new friends.

Aubrey is also a wonderful sister. She loves to play Polly Pockets or Strawberry Shortcake with Jenna and Lydia. She loves to hold & mother Eliza! She is a willing helper when I need help with the baby. She is getting to be so grown up and is taking on bigger responsibilities around the house. She helps unload & load the dishwasher, helps with the laundry, sweeps & vacuums, and is learning to clean the bathroom. Cleaning the toilet was something she really wanted to learn. (We'll take advantage of that while it's a novelty.)

This is Aubrey's kindergarten class from last year- Halloween party.

Aubrey is also our own version of Snow White. Animals love this kid! Her gentle patience somehow speaks to them. She loves all animals and would love to be a farmer. She got cowgirl boots from Grandma Lou & Papa Jess and then got to go on a pony ride with Grandma Barb- she was in seventh heaven as a cowgirl and dressed for the part! She also likes to catch potato bugs to feed to the pheasant, loves to feed the animals at the farm and is waiting for the day we give in and get a dog.
Six super special things about Aubrey:
1. Aubrey was born with a FULL head of hair that never fell out. She had braids on her first birthday.
2. She loves all things pink and Strawberry Shortcake.
3. She is full of energy and is always dancing.
4. She loves to make up stories and has a full narration for whatever she's playing. You hear her saying, "Now you say ___. And then I say____. And then you'll say_____."
5. She loves Primary and Family Home Evening. She knows the songs and has a sweet testimony of Jesus. She knows she is a child of God.
6. She is often contrary- to the point of ridiculous. If her sisters are pouting about something she's quick to point out that she's not crying. We always have a good laugh about that.

We love you Aubrey! We are so blessed to have you in our family! Thanks for being so flexible with the craziness that kind of took over your birthday this year. You are mom and dad's sweetheart!

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