Friday, January 14, 2011

New distraction

I have a lot to blog about, what with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, return to Weight Watcher's (down 9.4 lbs since the week after Thanksgiving, FYI) a darling baby doing cute things, her sisters doing funny/smart/naughty things.

Alas, I have been too distracted with my giant bottle of Mod Podge. I am on a quest to see just how many surfaces I can cover with it & how many ways we can use it. I have been busy making hiding place books for friends (hollowing out the inside of a book to make a compartment to hide your chocolate from the kids), helping the kids make gratitude journals, and even re-purposing a cute little jar we got filled with candy from a neighbor. Maybe a picture or two will find its way here...

I am also working on clearing clutter & organizing my house one drawer/basket/cupboard at a time. After I got pregnant with Eliza, everything kind of went to pot. Time to get it together. I have been finding inspiration from many other blogs as I sit feeding my baby. Some of you are incredibly clever! I am wondering why I've never shopped the as-is section at Ikea, because that seems to be the happening place to find creative organization ideas!

My timing is off. My kids are all happily distracted because we are at Grandma's, but none of my pictures I was going to blog are here. Oh well. There's always tomorrow next week.


Kelli said...

You should sell those hid a way books at your crafting shows!!!

Kim Coates said...

I second what Kelli said. Only problem is... I thought WE were friends. (I'm sure you must have left one on my doorstep, but it was stolen before I got home. Either that or we're not as good of friends as I thought...)
Totally kidding. Sort of. :)

Corrine said...

Kim, it's not your birthday yet! Laura can complain, since I'm slow on hers!


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