Tuesday, July 12, 2011

11 months old- a little late

Eliza hit the 11 month mark on June 28th. It was in the middle of an insanely busy week, so in true youngest-child fashion, I am just getting around to a blog post. I thought I took her picture that day, but I can't find it. I'm sure she'll be scared for life.
Here are a few glimpses of what she's up to these days.

She is a beggar for all things edible! She's too cute to resist, so everyone shares their food with her.

This is Eliza with her cousin, Cayden. He is a month younger than her. She's still a wiry little thing. And as flexible as can be. She's a little like a pipe cleaner...

She still puts everything in her mouth. This Mr. Potato Head tongue was kind of funny- the picture doesn't do it justice!

She enjoyed the Moroni City 4th of July parade from her fashionable pink stroller. She clapped for everyone!

She is still a total daddy's girl! When he gets home from work she will do anything to get to him & if he doesn't immediately pick her up she is distraught! She buries her head in the carpet as if all hope is lost. So sad!

Eliza's other favorite things:
- Playing with her sisters. They love to make her shake her head "No" and have taught her how to do raspberries with her tongue.
-The bathroom. She watches the bathroom door & if anyone leaves it open for a second she charges! She like to unroll the toilet paper and play in the toilet. What kid doesn't?
-She LOVES strawberries. And chicken.
-She likes to stand, but won't take a step by herself. She crawls to the middle of the room, stands up, and smiles so big- like she learned a secret trick. So cute!

She is still super sweet and a bit demanding. She still wants me to hold her a good portion of the day, but doesn't want me to hold still while I do. I think she doesn't want to miss a thing & can see better if I'm holding her. She's such a joy & blessing to our family! I can't imagine our family without her!

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