Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning like a mad woman

For those who don't know (or anyone who still reads my blog) we are trying to sell our house & move somewhere with more space. We are so blessed to have what we need and then some! I have been working to de-clutter & simplify things around here. (Hence the random things for sale.)

If you are in need of some white or brown butcher paper, we have two huge rolls. Let me know if you want some paper (free). We don't want to get rid of the entire rolls, but are willing to share. I'm pretty sure it grows back at night.

Not sure what to do with it? Here are some things it has been used for in our neighborhood:
Table coverings for multiple church events
Scenery & backdrop for multiple theatrical masterpieces
Large banners (see Jenna's bday party)
wrapping paper- especially for odd-shaped items
ground covering while painting
tracing small children
crumpled up & stuffed to fill a Days of '47 Parade float
countless children's art projects
hung on walls to protect from children with crayons- a safe place to draw
portable hopscotch
large sewing patterns
hats for kindergarten class

I know there are more I'm forgetting. Use your imagination! Come get some paper! If you have used said paper for another project I am forgetting, leave a message. I'm drawing a blank...


Anonymous said...

Your creative brain leaves me in awe! I feel like a failure in the children's arts and crafts arena.

Hillary said...

Did you also make a Halloween Twister game with it? Or was that something else? I wish I lived closer, I would LOVE to take some of that off of your hands. Good luck with selling your place!


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