Sunday, January 22, 2012


How cool is my back window? Thanks, Kelli!

While out cruising the neighborhood in my trusty van the other day, I happened upon a miraculous blessing. I was driving past the house we first tried to buy in this neighborhood (we were outbid) and saw a moving truck at the house next door. On the other side of the moving truck was a large pile of furniture with a FREE sign on it. My favorite price!!!

 The first item in was this console table. I have been looking for a table to go in the entry way of our new home. I am cheap, so I've been looking at the DI, but no luck. I was looking there so I can paint it the way i want it and won't feel bad if I change it again in a few months.

 These two don't necessarily have a home yet, but I'm excited to see what happens. The basket/tray thing is about 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall. It'll get a coat of spray paint very soon. What color? My first reaction is cream or white. Maybe it's time to take the turquoise leap.

We left our giant computer hutch at our old house when we moved, so I've been hunting for a little desk where the girls can work on the desk-top computer. (I don't like them playing games on my laptop. That's what was happening when it crashed last year. I'm suspicious.)

Anyway, I've been combing the DI & classifieds for something. Who knew it was waiting for me right here. The desk needs some touching up, but the chair is perfect!

I feel blessed to find these things for my home. Now that we've bought our new house, we've got some decorating to do- on a tight budget. I'm excited for the challenge.  I see lots of fun upcycled projects on my friends' blogs {and Pinterest, of course} and I am inspired to use my resources and creativity. Besides the things you see here, I still need to finish the giant doll house & toy chest I found at the DI last year.  Look for follow-up posts to come.


Becky said...

woo hoo! That is so exciting for you! I am so glad you found it!

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! Coolest back window EVER! Of course with a friend like Kelli, you can't expect any less then coolest (fill-in-the-blank) Ever!

So, are you finally in you new home? I know the decorating feels like an overwhelming task, but here is my advice...

Ah, heck! I don't have any advice. I'm still overwhelmed with decorating my own, and I've been here 10 months.

Good luck!

Kelli said...

I don't know anyone else that finds cool stuff for free. You must have some kind of vibe that free things flock to.
Can't wait to see the new pad. If you want any vinyl done you know who to call...Ghostbusters. Ray loves working with his Cricut when not washing off excess ectoplasm.


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