Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer so far- 2012

For the record, my kids have done fun things this summer. 
If they claim otherwise at the end, here is photographic evidence on my behalf.

Immediately after school on the last day, we met up with some of the cousins at the aquarium. Eliza especially loved the penguins. It was so crowded that I didn't get many good pictures.

 We participated in the Race for Reading 5K & Family Fun Run. (By 'participated in' I mean 'were in charge of/ tolerated' the race.) It was really a fun day. There was stress & chaos leading up to it, but it turned out even better than we had hoped. Next year will be even better!

We have been to 2 parades already, with more to come for sure!

 Lydia has taken dozens of self-portrait pics with my camera. Eliza discovered the joy of dress-ups.
Activity Days Day Camp with 31 of our closest friends
 I was called to be in the Primary Presidency & am over Activity Days. Jenna & I participated in a fun day camp with all of the 8-11 yr old girls in our ward.

Tim was called to be the ward finance clerk- his favorite calling! He was glad  relieved to get released from Scouts for this new job!

We have also been to a splash park with some friends, swimming with Court, Jake & Nate, endured a nasty stomach flu, and watched with curiosity & trepidation as the Dump Fire took over the mountain immediately to our South. We have friends that were temporarily evacuated from their homes & we could see the flames from our house, but we were safe and sound. This picture (take from the end of our subdivision) is when the fire was just a few hours old. Three days later, it has burned over 6000 acres & there are huge crews working to get it under control.

There have been piles of popsicles consumed, family parties, blanket forts built on the climbing dome, late nights with friends, bike rides galore, candy from the candy machines (need to photog that!) meetings without end, hot, dry weather and much more. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Kristen said...

Looks like you have had lots of fun!
Can you tell me more about your activity days day camp? Where was it held? How much did it cost? Was the Primary able to cover the total cost of everything from their budget? It looks like it was a lot of fun for the girls. I am in Primary too but I am over scouts but am still intersted in knowing more about your day camp so I can pass on information?


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