Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandpa Prestwich's funeral

Tim's grandpa, Don Prestwich, died in July. Tim had the opportunity to spend a few nights helping him in the weeks leading up to his passing. It was a tender, special time for them. Tim spent a lot of his childhood right by Grandpa's side on the farm and at the house. He was a good man!

There was a viewing at the church. I thought I took pictures of some of the family, but I guess not. This lovely picture of long-ago Moroni hangs in the RS room there.

 We ended up being the first car behind the hearse. The route from the church to the cemetery took us past the farm where Don had spent his entire life. It was a beautiful day to remember him!

 The local VFW performed a touching flag ceremony and 21 gun salute. Jess was given the flag that covered the casket.

Troy and Shaun gave talks.

The following pics are ones Tim took on his way to stay with his Grandpa. The flooding came when heavy rains fell on the burn scar from the forest fire. Wild storm!

Eliza has a hard time staying in one place. This is the angle I took the picture.

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