Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eliza turned 2!

Our spunky little Liza turned 2 in July. I still can't believe we have her & I'm so glad I got to stay around to raise her. She's a delight to have!!She's got her own unique personality and wants to run with the big kids. As soon as she figured out how to say that she's 2, she started telling people that she's 5. Such a nut! She loves playing outside, apples, Super Why & Caillou, gum, and singing and dancing. She's almost always happy, albeit shy around strangers at first.

With cousin Zach, waiting for Heavy, heavy hangover

My sweet cousin Amanda, her hubby Thomas & other family members came

Blowing out the candles

We also partied with the Prestwiches at our house. 

She was genuinely delighted with all of her gifts, and still (now November) carries around her "Tina" doll everywhere she can. Papa Jess gave her a Princess Tiana baby doll set. She loves that doll more than any of my other girls have ever loved a doll in the history of doll loving! We frequently take Tina with us when we got to the school for different things. Instead of me pushing my baby in the stroller, Eliza pushes Tina in her little stroller. So sweet!

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