Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random summer fun

We had so much fun when the Smith girls came to stay for the week. Rag rollers were a big hit!

Caitlyn was a big help & a good sport, even modeling a new apron for me.

Playing in the yard with Daddy.

Fun night at a Bee's game. We had awesome seat!
 The gentleman in the hat & suit was hilarious. He came late. Left to buy the hat, and chatted it up with our kids, showing all of us pics of his kids on his Blackberry. He was also packing. We're thinking he was in town for a big FBI bust... Just preserving the memory.
Aubrey had to be convinced to come to the game, but ended up having a ball! And getting a ball from an outfielder. Her flirting gets her too many things in life...

 I finally put up a few decorations. We sorted everything by color, then Jenna told me where to put things. It looks much better!

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