Thursday, May 10, 2007

30 1/2

Today is my hubby's bday, so the girls and I went to his work and suprised him with cake and balloons. It is also his co-worker's bday, so we put both names on the cake. I bought one of those things of decorating icing that kind of looks like a can of EZ Cheese with decorator tips. Easy enough, right. Whatever! I had to push so hard on the nozzle thing to get the icing out that I had hardly any control over where I was aiming. I would SO not recommend that thing for writing on cakes. The little tube of Cake Mate I usually buy is so much better! The flower tip was easier to use and made for a nice border, but writing was not good, much less when the 4 year old wanted to write Dad's name with it! I even scraped off "Happy" and started over. Luckily, it tastes ok or the whole thing would have been a washout!

Anyway, we had a great time suprising Daddy at work and showing the cute girls off to everyone. He works with such nice people and they are always so sweet to the girls when we go visit! He was a little embarrassed to have a fuss made over him, but he deserves some recognition. He is wonderful!

One bad thing about when his bday comes around is that my half birthday does, too. Yes, my family takes note of half birthdays. (We are a little wierd about bdays in general!) I feel old today!

In closing, what's with the 90s in May! Yikes!

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