Friday, May 11, 2007

Payback's a...peanut

When I was three or four (I think), I pulled some of the little styrofoam beans out of a giant beanbag chair and put them up my nose. I remember being at the hospital to have them removed from my nostrils. My mom has never let me forget that.

Fast forward 25ish years. About 10:30 last night I was getting the baby into her pjs and wanting to put her bed. Tim was at Planning Commission. The two big girls were watching Robin Hood in the other room. Jenna came in hysterically crying and squealing. When she calmed down enough to tell me what was wrong, She said she had put a peanut in her nose.
"Which side?" I asked.



The worst part was that she was crying so hard it was making her sniffle and I was afraid she would suck the peanuts up even higher!

I looked in and could see them way beyond reach, so I started getting everyone ready to leave for the ER. I briefly tried calling 911, but the phone screached with that lovely feedback noise. They called me back and I told the lady I was going to the ER, so nevermind.

I was frantically trying to reach Tim, but he was still in his meeting, so I called my mom and told her where we were going in case he called her looking for us. Off we went- four and two year old and 7 week old- to the ER. Luckily the double stroller was still in the van from our earlier trip to visit daddy.

Eventually Tim got my messages and called me. He came and got the other girls about 11:30 and then Jenna had a successful peanut-ectomy. I accidentally sent the camera home with him in the diaper bag, or I would have taken pictures. Holy cow- she found the biggest possible peanuts to shove up there! The doctor was amazed!

When they were done, they gave her stickers, and toys, and a popcicle. Thanks for reinforcing bad behavior!

We got home after midnight and Aubrey was still awake. What a day! Twenty hours after I got up, I hit my pillow and immediately unconcious.

So Mom, I got my paybacks for the bean incident. Is there any other bad karma I should be watching for?

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