Sunday, July 15, 2007


My neighbor brought us two large buckets full of apples from her tree, so we decided to try our hand at canning. My friend, Lisa, has access to a machine that makes applesauce, so we decided to try it. (You put boiled apples in the top, turn the crank and applesauce comes out one end and all the seeds, skin, etc come out the other!)

It was fun! Tim set up his propane camp stove on the deck, so we did all the cooking outside, which kept the house a bit cooler. When it was all over we had 21 pints of apple sauce, 5 quarts of apple slices, and one random quart of grapes- for experimentation purposes.

Thanks to all who helped, lent equipment, gave advice, or cheered us on. we are trying to learn how to better produce and store our own food. This was a good way to learn. For future reference, boil different types of apples separately for even cooking. Don't put the quart jars in the wire rack. Get some bigger bowls.

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