Sunday, July 15, 2007

Family fishing outing

To escape the sweltering afternoon heat, we went on an adventure up American Fork Canyon. We have fished at a little lake called Tibble Fork in the past, but it was very crowded, so we decided to venture up the dirt road a few miles to Silver Lake Flat.
This is looking down the canyon to Tibble Fork Reservoir. The mountain in the top right of the pic is Mount Timpanogos.

Tim and Jenna practice casting. Jenna got a real pole for her birthday and she can cast as far as Daddy! She LOVES fishing. We only caught one fish, but it was on one of the first casts, so it teased us enough to stay and keep trying for more!
The sun setting over Sliver Lake Flats Reservoir.Tim took this picture the week before from Tibble Fork. It is Mount Timp with smoke in the background from the Milford Flats wildfire in Central Utah.


Hillary said...

How pretty-I bet that was a great way to beat the heat! Did ya catch much?

Tara said...

M just got her own pole too and she and Cat LOVE to go fishing - they've recently discovered Payson Lakes. If you guys ever feel like a trip a little further south, we'd LOVE to join you and your family!!!! (plus they've caught something EVERY time they've gone to PL.)


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