Thursday, July 5, 2007

How do you celebrate?

I am curious about what other people do on the 4th of July. We usually go to Moroni for all of their festivities.

This year it started with a bang- or in this case 10 bangs from a cannon- at 6:oo am followed immediately by Danny Dyches driving around playing country music on the loud speaker of his truck and inviting everyone out to the Fireman's breakfast at 7:00. We've never quite made it to the breakfast! The bangs and small arms fire continued for quite a while. This year there was the added noise from a helicopter since they were offering helicopter rides at the park. It would have been really cool to see Sanpete from the air, but we decided not to go.

We headed down to Main Street by 9:30 for the ping pong ball drop. An airplane flies over the parade route and drops ping pong balls that you can redeem for prizes at the carnival later in the day. The girls thought that was pretty cool!

We enjoyed the parade and tried to find a small piece of shade for Lydia. The small town parade is different from what I grew up watching, but it is very fun. The girls love the candy and Otter Pops that they throw out to the crowd! They stand on the edge of the street and wave right back at all the princesses. There were floats with royalty from the surrounding towns as well as the Ute Stampede and other "cowgirl princesses" (as Jenna calls them) on horse back. We always have nervous girls when the ambulances and fire trucks blast their horns and sirens, but overall the parade is fun. It was also fun because many of Tim's cousins were there with their kids, too. The family is kind of spread out so we don't see each other that often. Our kids are all close in age, so that makes it fun for everyone!

After the parade, we usually go the carnival. It was TOO HOT this year! We had a BBQ at Norma Lou's and the kids played on the slip and slide and in the pool. It is always fun for the kids when all of the cousins are there together! Each of the four families has a two year old, so they ran around in a pack doing all sorts of fun stuff. They are going to be trouble as they get older! Two boys and two girls terrorizing the older kids!

We decided not to stay for the fireworks (which are always excellent, by the way) so we bought a variety pack of fireworks to do in the driveway with Sam and Janika, since the others had left. It was a fun day packed with lots of action. The drive home was fun, since we could see firework shows all along the path home. It looks like the people at Stadium of Fire got their money's worth! As soon as we entered Utah county we could see the fireworks there and they kept going until we were past Provo. Impressive!

Let us know what you did on the 4th. I love to hear other traditions!

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D and K Gibson said...

We went to the ward breakfast, then to the mall to buy Zach some new shoes. We then came home for nap time. Went to gma's and papa's to show them Zach's papa shoes. Then back home to watch the Real Salt Lake game on tv. We went to the game last year, but with the new little one, we felt we shouldn't go out in the heat and see the loud fireworks. Pretty uneventful. Darin's family went boating, but again, we didn't want to deal with the heat and the crowds. Sounds like you had a great time.


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