Friday, July 20, 2007

Utah's burning

So, you may have noticed Utah is on fire. One of the newest fires hits closer to home- figuratively, not literally. It is burning in central Utah in Nephi canyon between Tim's sister in Nephi and Tim's parents in Moroni. More directly, it is burning right where Tim's aunt and uncle have a private campground, Hop Creek Hideaway. We are actually supposed to be camping there in two weeks for a family reunion. It is just east of the KOA that burned to the ground- just around the next bend in the road. has some amazing pictures of the fire. Pictures 18 & 19 are at the entrance to Hop Creek Hideaway. Check it out.

Please be careful with your fireworks this week!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

You could also say it hits close to home somewhay literally-your family's homes...I hope they're still all ok & out of danger!


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