Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haunting

So far, the Halloweening has been a whirl wind tour of the Valley. We saw Aunt Court at Allstate, had lunch with Grandma Barb and the Gibsons, and now we are visiting Papa Gary.

Here are some pics of the little ghouls.

Lydia is Boots the monkey since I am Dora the Explorer. Kayla is a baby shower. Zach is Bob the Builder and the girls are witches.

We also dressed up on Saturday for a Halloween party with the cousins.
(Lydia was a skeleton)
This was at play group. Clairesse planned a very fun party!
(Lydia was a lady bug)
My girls are tired of dressing up. I never thought that could happen! Hopefully they can endure a few more hours of fun at daddy's office, the trunk-or-treat, and grandpa great's!


D and K Gibson said...

I hope the rest of th day goes well. We had fun at lunch, even thought it was a little hectic! Happy Halloween!

Hillary said...

So cute! I just wish the other 2 cousins could've been in that picture :( Maybe next year!

Happy Halloween!


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