Thursday, October 11, 2007


I hope you enjoyed General Conference as much as I did. All of the talks were wonderful (of course), but there were a few that stood out to me.

Sister Beck, the general RS President, gave two talks that moved me to action. At women's conference her talk made me want to work so much harder as a wife, mother, woman and as a member of a RS presidency! She just says it like it is and she makes no apologies for beliefs that might not be what the world likes. Go re-read her talks!

Another part that stood out to me was Pres Eyring talking about writing down the ways that God blesses our lives every day, so when we look back, we will remember.
"“O remember, remember,” Book of Mormon prophets often implored.1 My point is to urge you to find ways to recognize and remember God’s kindness."

I am not a great journal keeper, so I try to do some of that here and will try to do better.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, to have come from a wonderful family, to have married into a wonderful family, and to have an amazing family of friends I have gathered along the way. From Alyssa in elementary school, the BT and others in high school, to amazing friends and roommates from Snow, to my awesome friends in our ward, I am so richly blessed. I am not always great at keeping in touch, but know that I think of, worry about, and pray for you often.

That's the blessing I'm counting at the moment. There's a lot to count there!

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