Thursday, October 4, 2007

Long time no blog...

So, I have been absent from posting for a little while. We have been running like crazy here, so this got pushed aside. Here is a bit of an update of what we've been doing.

Tim was gone part of last week for the muzzle-loader hunt. No deer this year. It was kind of crazy with the girls by myself for a few days. I fell off the No-more-Diet-Coke wagon! I am SOOO glad I have a wonderful, helpful husband!

Jenna and Aubrey have been taking tumbling at the high school and I have been taking a cake decorating class. I have pictures of both that I will post later. I take pictures of each cake so I can (hopefully) see some improvement.

Jenna is doing well in kindergarten! She is improving her reading and handwriting very quickly. Her teacher is so sweet! Jenna is also looking forward to getting her tonsils out on Oct 16th. In preparation for this, I took the girls to tour the new IHC hospital in Murray last Friday. It was very interesting to get to see the operating rooms, PT department, transplant room, recovery, and many other behind-the-scenes things. I wasn't sure the girls would like it, but the are STILL talking about it! I think Jenna was glad to see that there wasn't anything scary or weird, just tools, lights, a bed, etc.

She was so impressed by the whole thing that she told us, "Every time I think about that beautiful building, I just can't take my mind off it!" (She's going to win an Oscar some day!)

Aubrey is as energetic as ever! She likes to work on her 'homework' at the table while Jenna does hers. She so admires Jenna! She is always trying to do what Jenna does. They are best friends, even when they fight like crazy! Aubrey is so helpful and wants to be doing what Mom and Dad are.

Speaking of Dad, she has this new habit of calling him Tim. She was saying the prayer after family night on Monday and she asked Heavenly Father to bless "Tim, Mommy, Jenna, Aubrey, and Lydia." Too funny!

Lydia is still an angel! She is sitting up on her own much better! She has stopped gagging when given baby food. Her smiles and giggles keep us all entertained!

Well, I just saw the time and need to run. Have a wonderful week!

Also, check out the link labeled 'Hill's recipe blog' and leave a contribution from your kitchen. I have the brown sugar chicken cooking as we speak.

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