Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scandinavian Festival

I need to recommend a fun, small town activity for next year. We spent Saturday in Ephraim at the Scandinavian Festival. It started with a parade at 10 am, complete with local princess, float pulled but trucks, kids on 4-wheelers, and lots of flying candy. These are all things I had to get used to in parades, but now I can't imagine a parade any other way!
We met my friend, Kim(who lives in our ward in SL), and her cute girls at the parade and then we all walked through the booths and games at the street fair while Tim went to Walmart. FYI if you want to feed your family, walk down to the Maverick where they have BBQ-ed hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks, and cookies for $1- 1.50 rather than spending $7.00 per person on carnie food up the street.

While eating lunch at Maverick Lacie, who was one of my college roommates, was driving by and stopped to talk and then Katie, my neighbor in Salt Lake, was also driving by and saw us and came over to say hi. You gotta love Ephraim! Even after all these years, Maverick is still the happening place to be!

The Scandinavian Festival is held every year over Memorial Day weekend. All these years of going to Sanpete for Memorial Day and we had never gone to the festival. It was a great time!

Kim was super sweet and took our girls for the afternoon so Tim and I could see Indiana Jones. They were having so much fun that I had to pry them away from Kim's parents' house- even Lydia! That is HUGE! Thanks again, Kim, for spending your vacation watching my kids. I owe you!

If you are looking for a small-town experience next Memorial Day, this one is a tank of gas away!


Crystal said...

I miss Ephraim! Your blog makes me homesick. What great memories I have of such a cute little town.

The Van Horn's said...

Too fun! We drove through Ephraim this weekend going between Fairview and Sterling and back again. Guy and I almost went to see Indiana Jones at the Ephraim theatre too. If we would have stuck around for the festival, I bet that we would have run into you.

tribrac said...

I heard that the Scandinavian Festival was MUCH better than Indiana Jones. Aliens? Are you freakin' kidding me?


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