Sunday, May 18, 2008

This island is cool, no, awesome!

That was Jenna's response to our trip to Antelope Island on Friday. She was right!
Having lived in Salt Lake my whole life, I have taken for granted that giant puddle out west, never having spent time there. We have talked about going out there over the years and Friday we broke down and went. It was amazing to see what has survived on such a remote, rather barren island. This was the view looking toward to the west as we drove along the causeway to the island. It looked like you would drop off the edge of the earth if you went too far! Being surrounded by mountains constantly, this view is a bit eerie!

This is from inside the visitor's center looking north. You see the cause way in the middle of the picture and Promontory Point beyond. Outside this window there was a beautiful pair of mourning doves. Everywhere you went there were birds of all sorts. You have to run through the "bat cave" of swallows to avoid getting bombed on your way into the visitor's center.

I have this bizarre fascination with the giant buffalo statues. I know they are all over the state, but I still like to see the different ways they are decorated. This one has a scene of an Indian hunting buffalo cut into the sides of the animal. Tim was nice enough to oblige my request for a photo here. I didn't make him pose in front of the other five or six that were around the island.

This pronghorn passed just a few feet in front of our van and didn't seem to care that we were there. It stopped and posed for me and then kept going. It was amazing to see how all of the animals and creatures on the island were not bothered by the human interruption. I guess they have never been given a reason to fear!

We were there too late to visit the farm/homestead on the island but we will definitely go back again to see it. I would like to go back in the fall during the bison round up. It was a great afternoon trip, which I would highly recommend. It was a quiet refuge so close to the city, yet so far from modern noise. All around we could see the metropolitan areas across the water, but we were completely surrounded by nature and peace (and bugs, but that's a story for another time).

Take your kids, your camera, your binoculars, some bug spray, and a picnic, $9 to get in, and enjoy this treasure in your own back yard!

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The Gibbys said...

We need to go do that with you guys, that sounds like a great adventure!


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