Thursday, December 4, 2008

Have you oiled lately?

While buying fabric yesterday I saw a bottle of sewing machine oil and thought, "Hmm... I haven't ever oiled my machine. I should probably do that." So I bought a bottle and headed home.

I was sewing along and noticing my machine was loud and a bit choppy. "Oil it," I thought but I kept going. A bit later I thought again "oil it." I told myself I had so much to do so I would oil it later. No, now. It may sound silly but I think I was being prompted to do this before I destroyed my machine.

Having never done this before I got out my manual to see what to do. It recommend oiling your machine weekly if you sew for less than an hour a day or daily if you sew more than that. OOPS!

Now it is running like a champ and MUCH quieter. It goes through nine layers of fabric with ease now!

Three cheers for reading directions!!!


Crystal said...

Oh I need to do mine too. Something I neglect too much. I need to get sewing some Christmas presents for the kids. Busy sewing for me the next couple of weeks.

Tara said...

Hip hip hooray!

But um, if it's only ever been used twice in it's life, is it ok to sit around?

My poor sewing machine is probably envious of yours.


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