Monday, December 29, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Thanks, Airport #2 for being so quick to remove snow from your sidewalk and for putting up an effective drift fence along your north end. Oh wait...

Here are a few pictures of what should be a drivable lane on a very busy road. If a homeowner had neglected his sidewalk and allowed snow to drift to the point where the road was impassable, he'd be in big trouble! Instead, the road is down to one lane, with only inches of room to spare. The snow bank is at least 4 feet high, as you can see in relation to the Subaru in front of our van above.

The Friday before Christmas, before the BIG storms, I saw a 4-car accident in this same place due to drifting, blowing snow causing white-out, icy conditions.

Here are a few contacts if you'd like to request a change here:

Rep Eric Hutchings

Salt Lake County council members
Michael Jensen
801 468-2932

At Large "A"
Randy Horiuchi
801 468-2936
At Large "B"
Jenny Wilson
801 468-2934
At Large "C"
Jim Bradley
801 468-2939

There's a start. I have a few other contacts to try. I'll let you know what I find out.

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The Gibbys said...

That is crazy!!! You should submit those pictures on KSL and other news stations.


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