Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Tale of Two Trees

When we got our artificial Christmas tree out this year, we were shocked to see that it mysteriously shrunk! Our kids couldn't have grown THAT much, could they? We bought the little tree for $10 when Jenna was a baby and we lived in a little apartment. It even sufficed here for two Christmases. Now that Jenna was nearly as tall as the little tree, we decided it was time to upgrade. Not wanting to buy an artificial tree until we are in a home we consider permanent, we opted for the real deal!
For family night last week we went rustic and walked over to Harmon's to pick out a tree- with the two little girls in the double stroller. Pretend we were knee-deep in snow and carrying an ax. Tim carried home a beautiful tree and voila, instant Christmas spirit! It smells SOOO good!
Since we bought a popcorn popper and used it for the first time that day also, the girls thought this was a very old-fashioned Christmas- just like Laura and Mary!
(Side note: Jenna's observation on the way home- The limbs of the tree we bouncing as Tim walked. Jenna said they were waiving like a movie star and that the tree ways saying, "I got picked, I got picked" in her sing-song little way. You probably had to be there, but it was very cute!_


Tara said...

I CAN imagine it and it sounds like so much fun. She has a cute little imagination. I hate to say it but I think our home IS our permanent home and so we bought a fake tree and it only lasted 5 years. So this year we got a real one while we save our pennies for a nicer fake one next year. Glad you got the real thing too!

Hillary said...

I can just hear Jenna saying that, that's hilarious! Don't you love the smell??? Everytime I walk into our place that's the first thing I notice too!

I am glad I read this, I was going to get you guys a popcorn popper for Christmas, PHEW! I was actually on my way to the store once I was done on the computer to do that-funny!

Em said...

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree!


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