Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Major slacker

Now that craft shows, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, and Enrichment night are done, I can start rejoining the blog world. Here are a few highlights I missed from Oct/Nov. I will go slowly, as there are probably hundreds of pics I have taken since then.

First, I never showed proof that Lydia dressed up for Halloween. Here she is in passing as the cutest little witch ever!

Then there was giant snow at Gma & Papa's. Lydia and Emma didn't like it so much when we plopped them in a pile of snow. Lydia didn't even make it out of the house before face-planting in her snow suit. (Say it with me, "I can't put my arms down!)

And finally, here are the pilgrim hat treats I made for Jenna's class party. They are Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies, mini peanut butter cups, a little frosting and a passion fruit Tic Tac. They were a big hit!

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