Monday, February 9, 2009

Backyard Adventures

Caution: Long over-due journaling ahead!

A few weeks ago, Kat invited us to come to open play time at Backyard Adventures in Draper and we had so much fun!

They sell giant wooden swing sets and have an area where you can play on the swing sets and giant inflatables- some slides, an obstacle course, bounce house, etc. Jenna was off track, so this was a great way for everyone to burn off some serious energy!

Here are the triplets on the tire swing under one of the swing sets. (How did three similar sisters have such drastically different children?)
Lydia climbing a ladder- a favorite hobby of hers. I think she kept waiting for me to get mad and tell her to get down. (Swing set ok, bunk bed no-no)

Jenna coming down one of the giant slides.

Aubrey scaling a climbing wall. Since these play sets are priced from $2500- $10,000, I hope they enjoyed them here- not going to see them in my yard!A swing set shouldn't cost more than a car!

Me and Lydia coming down the dino slide.

I was quite proud of my accomplishments here, too. I am not usually the type to head into the inflatable toys, but I climbed a very steep ladder-thingy HOLDING LYDIA and pulling us both up one-handed to the top of the dino slide a few times and a did it a few times solo. (The white part below is the "ladder." I use the term loosely. It is vinyl-covered PVC pipe to grip with your sock-covered toes while holding onto a nylon webbing strap.)I also went through a ridiculous obstacle course which included squeezing through a very small opening I wouldn't have even attempted pre-Weight Watchers. I'd like to thank Curves for my stronger arms and endurance and WW for my smaller butt. You made this day possible!


Tara said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

The Gibbys said...

Your description of the ladder is hilarious, and quite accurate. Thanks for coming, we will have to go again soon for another workout!


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