Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A trip to the Legislature

Before Jenna went back on track, we took our long-awaited trip to see the Legislature in action. Back when they had an open house for the remodeled Capitol Building, the girls became fascinated with it.
After a steep hike up the hill and carrying Lydia and the stroller up flights of marble stairs, we headed to listen to the Legislators discuss a bill, which was about gangs. Lydia was not impressed and wanted to run and yell, so we didn't stay in there long. We rode the elevator to each floor- in no particular order, to see all the sights. The girls were also very interested in the "newsers" from KSL.

The girls outside the House of Rep. gallery
After making the rounds, we went to the East Building where the cafeteria is located for some lunch. I have always been interested in current events and politics, but this year I have been especially interested after I was a county delegate. I have become acquainted (for good or bad) with more politicians than I care to admit. At the table behind us, I saw two slimy lobbyists- former Speaker of the House Greg Curtis and former Rep & convicted election-bribe-scandal treasurer candidate Mark Walker. I was thoroughly disgusted that these two can return so quickly and wield their influence as lobbyist. Mr Curtis works now for big tobacco lobby, which doesn't reflect what his past constituents want. Makes me sick. I really hope they pass the bill for the two-year waiting period before former elected officials can become lobbyists. Bluuuck! Are you wondering how I REALLY feel? I hide my disgust so well, I know.

(You can see the slime balls behind my darling daughters)
Anyway, off that soap box.

Below are some pics of the memorials around the outside of the Capitol. This is the Vietnam Memorial for soldiers from Utah who died there, including Steve's uncle below.
The Law Enforcement memorial

Mormon Battalion Memorial
We had a great time and the girls were very interested to see what happens in one of their favorite buildings. It was not an easy trip, but it was well worth it!
WARNING: If you are tired of my griping, stop reading here.
One last soap box issue: PARKING at the Capitol Building. I am in no way disputing the need for handicapped parking, but it would sure be nice if there was Civic-minded-mothers-with-strollers parking available somewhere. I had to park at the corner of Main Street and whatever street runs the length of the south side of the building. I pushed that stroller with a 28 lb kid straight up! Once reaching pavement, there are no ramps at that level on the south or west sides of the building. There is a ramp on the south side, but you have to go up more stairs to get to it. Explain that one for me! Many gentlemen in suits watched me carrying my stroller up three flights of marble stairs, trailed by my other two kids and nary a door was opened for me. Public servants, huh?


The Gibbys said...

Looks like a blast! Your story about parking reminds me of when we went to the open house and how hard it was to get the kiddos inside. The construction workers that laughed at us as we tried to get our strollers through the snow, over the curb, and around the "work" they were suppose to be doing. What a joke! You should get Gephart!

Tara said...

I don't think you can call men like that gentlemen. But I'm proud of you - next time call me and I'll join you there with my kids!


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