Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Draper Temple Openhouse

Have you seen it yet?
You can reserve your free Draper Temple Open house tickets here.

January 23rd we went to the Draper Temple Open house. Unfortunately the only pictures I took were on the bus, so here we are on the bus. It was quite rainy, so we didn't take any pictures outside.
More importantly, we had a wonderful time! The girls were so excited to go, as we have been following the construction progress there and even more at the new temple in South Jordan.

It was so beautiful! The workmanship really shows a reverence for God. It it His house and the finest work has been done there. The girls were quite touched and especially liked the Celestial Room.

When I asked Aubrey how it made her feel she told me she could feel Heavenly Father's love and it "made her shine inside." We were talking in Sunday school about the Holy Spirit being felt as a burning in the bosom and I think that is what Aubrey was describing!

I am so thankful to live in a time and place where temples are readily available. They are the House of the Lord. The work that is done there ties generations of families together. Because my mom was the first member of the Church in her family, it is so important for me to participate in the sealing ordinances that my ancestors did not enjoy in their lifetimes.

I was so glad to share this experience with my kids and husband. My girls also told us that they want to go there again when they are older. I am sure this experience will serve to remind them how to live to be worthy to go to the temple and to be worthy of the blessings available God's children there.


Tara said...

Our tickets are for next weekend. I'm so glad you shared! I can't wait for my family to have the experience you guys just did. Sounds like it was amazing!

Becky said...

You look so skinny!!! Woo hoo, Go Girl!!!


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