Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Style, my style

Remember that old Haircuts Plus Commercial?
Style, my style.
For me to decide. For me to judge.
That is my girls' motto. They come up with the most interesting outfits and poses.
Aubrey does this and says "Strike a pose!"
Lydia LOVES her boots and wants to dress like her sisters (as scary as that can be) and LOVES all things Dora. We don't have Nick Jr anymore, so I'm not sure how she became so enamored with Dora so quickly...
And Aubrey... my camera fiend. There are more self-portraits on my camera than pictures of everything else combined!
I have some really fun pics of Jenna, too. I need to scan some of the best/worst. She peaked before we had a digital camera!

1 comment:

The Gibbys said...

Look at those EYES!! Amazing. That one of Lydia in the kitchen is hilarious. I don't remember that commercial though...


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