Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 2- Richfield, Throwing Eggs, Big Rocky Candy Mountain, etc

For some reason, I didn't take many pictures this day, probably because I wore out the camera the day before! Ü
We enjoyed a lovely continental breakfast at the Travelodge and then headed South once more. We stopped along the way to throw our Easter eggs- a Prestwich family tradition. It was snowing on us, so we hastily chucked them in this ravine- apparently also used for people's old dishes and target practice.

Further down Hwy 89 we stopped to inspect Big Rock Candy Mountain, which was not as impressive to the girls as we thought it might be. Guess you have to know the song...

We were listening to The Little Princess on this leg of the journey and the girls were so good! We drove TO Bryce Canyon to take some pictures. We didn't go into Bryce once we saw that it is $25 to enter. We knew we would have to pay, but that was more than we wanted to pay for a quick trip and photo op and it was snowing again. We enjoyed the scenery leading up to the park. I forgot how brilliantly orange the rocks are! Time and memory must dull the colors a bit.

We headed back past Panguitch and to I-15 for the rest of the way to St. George. This part made me remember my Snow roomies so much- the trailer park with Becky & Val, Parowan with all y-all- and Summit, too, Lacie! The get-together at Jana's family cabin. I love Southern Utah and all my great friends from the area!

Hank, the Cowdog got us the rest of the way to St George in the charming way that only those stories can, and finally, WE WERE WARM!!!

We checked into our family suite and the Coronada (not as crappy as it used to be- also a great deal on and soon we were enjoying the Pizza Factory. Ahhh...home at last!


Jana said...

You're making me hungry! What I wouldn't give for some pizza factory breadsticks!!!!:)

Becky said...

Memories.... so fun!!!

Rhiannon said...

Awwww, that makes me want to "go home". Want to have another git together? I'm out of school next week.


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