Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Three: Dino Museum, Water fun, etc

Saturday brought beautiful sunshine that we were so desperately seeking! We were headed to a dinosaur museum, but it wasn't open yet. Are my kids the only ones who get up this early? (Don't answer that)

While waiting for the museum to open, we found a really cool park that had two big climbing boulders and a walking trail that took us over a bridge, past a waterfall, and through some beautiful red rocks and hills. I am a sucker for red rocks!

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm
The museum was also really interesting! It is built right over the top of some rocks that are COVERED with dinosaur footprints. It was apparently the bottom of a lake. Who knew?
After a while there, Lydia was NOT a happy camper, so we dropped her at the hotel with Tim and I took the girls to Town Square where they have built a really fun splash park. There are fountains (ala Gateway) and a river with waterfalls, big rocks to climb on and a bit deeper spot to lay down and splash. We were there for about three hours and went back to see if Lydia was awake and feeling better. After a break at the hotel, we went back to the splash park for another four hours with Daddy and Lydia this time. The girls were having so much fun and it was so much better than a musty hotel pool!

We took the camera into the hotel room to show Tim what we had been doing and I forgot to bring it back with us. Lydia LOVED it, too, I just don't have a picture of her there.
While there, we met up with my mission companion, Amy Childs Cook, and her daughter. (Her hubby was sick.) Neither of us had our cameras, so there is no proof, but we had a great time together while the girls played until dusk.

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The Gibbys said...

Did you do some research before you left. We have been to St George a million times and I had no idea about the museum! And don't worry my kids wake up early! Especially now with birds chirping outside their window.


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