Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Size matters

An update for those who commiserated with me on facebook yesterday.

Yesterday at the fitness center I had my first run-in with an elliptical machine. It was the only one available and I think I know why. I swear it was built for an NBA locker room! When I stood on the floor next to it the display/controls were seriously above my eyes! Did that stop me- oh no! I climbed on and hit the "fat burn" program button.

That was when my life flashed before my eyes. The feet thingers started churning madly and I was seriously clinging to the machine for dear life. This elliptical didn't have the moving arm things (note my use of technical terminology) but had stationary handle bars around the top- similar to the bars in the handicap stall of a Walmart restroom. I tried different ways to hold on, thinking there had to be a way to make this work- all the other people in the room seem to be just fine! I settled on draping myself over the controls while holding on to the top- kind of like high schoolers slow-dancing.

I held on as long as I could while my legs were pumping against my will and by no effort of my own. That was the longest three minutes of my life!

Today, I thought I'd try again on one of the machines that the more- compact- women seemed to be using. What a difference size makes in an elliptical! I got one with the moving arm thingies and shorter strides and felt like I got a good work out, rather than a brush with death!

(Not an actual photograph, sadly)


The Gibbys said...

You told that story well! I am glad today went better, I still LOVE elipticals.

Emily said...

The elliptical I tried felt so unnatural to me, and I felt like a dork on it. Glad to know it's not only me!

Tara said...

I love your blog. Reading it is the best part of my day.


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