Friday, April 10, 2009

Free stuff from Walmart

Ok, I always tell myself I'm not going to do this again, but I had to show you what I got at Walmart today. I looked on Kuuipo's blog and saw the freebies at Walmart this week and couldn't resist. I haven't shopped there much lately, but free is free.

The things I got for my storage were either free or under 65 cents. There were a few things I bought because I needed them, not because they were a screaming deal. Everything here was purchased with a coupon.
Here's what I got:
20 items purchased
Total spent: 19.72 with tax
Coupons totaled: 21.52
Halls Cough drops- free
Vitamin water- free
Oil of Olay soap 2pks- $0.48 pk (Kuuipo's blog showed them free, but they cost more at my Walmart)
Duncan Hines cake mix- $0.61/ box
2 Covergirl eyeliners- $3.76 each
Nice & easy root touch-up (don't laugh at me)- $4.88
If I hate the Oil of Olay soap, some hygiene kits will get some lovely soap!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Ok. It's time I learned. I just bought that EXACT SAME eyeliner at wal-mart on Thursday. And I paid more than you did. Help!


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