Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel...great! Oh I feel so great! Uhhh!

...something good about to happen! I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: (Probably TMI/ boring, so feel free to skip it)

While your ideas in the comments were good, it wasn't anything quite that monumental- close though!

Today is what we call at my house "Weight Watchers Wednesday" so my big something happened there. I lost 2 lbs this week and broke the 35 lb mark! I am at 36.6 lbs lost now!!! I let out a yell (ala Felipe) and scared some of the old ladies that are there in the morning.
This is monumental for me because for months I have barely moved the scale at all. The last three weeks, for example, I lost .2 lbs each week. Now that I check, my weight loss for the previous 5 weeks adds up to what I lost this week. DON'T STOP TRYING! IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT!
-I feel like the no-sugar (ok, hardly any sugar) weeks are finally paying off.
-Chicken tenders and spinach salad with fresh cut strawberries & FF Italian dressing- my fam is probably sick of that, but I like it.
-I think I have also found my exercise balance where my body responds well to my hard work. YEAH!!!

Speaking of exercise, I had another personal milestone yesterday on the treadmill. I ran for 3 minutes early on in my workout and then ran the last 12 minutes straight (undoubtedly a first for me)- and felt like I could have kept going if my 35 min limit wasn't up. Tomorrow...oh yeah...

So if the Biggest Loser inspired you last night, let's keep going.


Hillary said...

hmmmm??????? You can't leave me hanging like that! You know you're going to be getting a phone call from me now-I'm just to nosy not too!

mrsmcgibby said...

??!?!?!? I am guessing job or house.

Jana said...

Another baby???!!!! j/k:)

jen91 said...


Melinda said...

That's great! You are my inspiration! 36 lbs is amazing! Keep passing along any secrets that you've got!

Tara said...

I am SO SO SO proud of your hard work and your accomplishments and your SUCCESS!! Way to go!

mrsmcgibby said...

Totally awesome! Mike is proud of you too!


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