Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing catch-up

I have been AWOL for a week or so and I thought I'd better record what we've been doing for posterity's sake.
We'll start with Aubrey's graduation. She has had a great year at Jumpstart Preschool. This was our third year of a kid at that school and the girls have LOVED it! Mrs Jackson is a sweetheart and the girls learn so much from her!

Here is most of Aubrey's class as they waited for the ceremony.We curled Aubrey's hair for the ceremony and for dance pictures later that day. (She has a lot of hair, so poor Lydia felt very ignored for hours!)

Aubrey has learned so much this year and can hardly wait for kindergarten! She is already reading a bit, loves to write and draw, memorizes things quickly, loves to sing and dance, and tells great stories to her little sister. She is also a good girl, makes friends so easily, and is a joy in our family! We love you, Aubs!


The Gibbys said...

her hair is amazing!!! it always has been, but my goodness!!! Way to go Aubrey, kindergarten will be lucky to have you.

Tara said...

Her hair is gorgeous! Does that mean she'll be in Kindergarten next year? Two in school? Wow we're getting old. Congrats Aubrey!


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