Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Triple threat

If I haven't already introduced you, I'd like you to meet "The Triplets." I hate "overuse" of "quotation marks" so the reason I used them there is that they are not biologically triplets. These are the terrible two-year-olds that consist of my Lydia (born 3/20/07), Makayla (b 4/23/07), and Emma (b 5/20/07). If only Kat had her c-section on the 20th...
Emma, Lydia, Makayla
Anyway, last Wednesday, Emma officially became a terrible two year old, albeit a sweet one! This was her fun party. These girls are going to be big trouble some day. They think they are as big and capable as their older siblings and there is nothing they won't try twice!

Lydia was "helping" Emma open her present. Aubs and Abs are joining in the fun here. I'm sure Zach was close by!

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The Gibbys said...

maybe you guys should have had yours on the 23rd! lol, stupid fever, I was schedule for the 20th. Bummer. Our girlies are very sweet and cute, but yes, they are a handful!


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