Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's more Halloween-y than BLOOOOD!

Here's another blatant request for birthday gifts. Do you remember what I want for my birthday? Here's a reminder.

I have been overwhelmed with the response so far! Each donation of blood means so much- it literally means a gift of life for the recipient! What better gift could you give someone?

I want to share an email that I received from my college roommate & sweet friend, Jana. She married another of my good friends, Tony. (Just so you know the characters in the story) Hope this is ok to share... I should have asked before, perhaps. Every time I read it I cry. Every time I tell someone about it I cry. No one has ever done more for me!

I must have missed your post about giving blood for your birthday, but Tony saw it the other day and told me about it. He wanted me to check into where he could give blood (I just can't do it...I pass out every time. Do you remember that from Snow? It's one of Tony's favorite stories to tell!:)) and so I went to the Red Cross website and they don't service our area and I went to a few other sites and they don't service our area either so I called our local hospital and they directed me to the blood bank in Grand Junction. So after talking with them, we're going to be having a blood drive here in Delta on your birthday!! We're hoping to have a lot of people respond especially from our ward that you can count towards your 34. I'll give you the final numbers when I get them! The lady I talked to from the blood bank asked why I was interested in having a blood drive and so I told her your story and she was pretty impressed. This is such a great idea...I may even give it a shot again...we'll see how I'm feeling that day...I might be able to make it through for you!:) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Tony and I!!


Holy cow! It would have been so easy for them to just not donate since there wasn't a convenient place to do so. If you are in the area of Delta, Colorado on November 9th, stop in! I am crying again...

So, if you are able, please donate blood. If you can't donate blood, donate some other act of service to someone in need. Open the door for someone, read to a child, join PTA :), help an old lady with her groceries, give some one a smile who doesn't have one. Let me know how it goes!

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