Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's my birthday... a month. I'm giving you time now to prepare my gift. Yes, you. I want the same gift from all of my loyal readers. All 5 of you.
I'm sure you've heard mention of that new baby at my house. You may have even read the harrowing tale of her birth. Do you remember back in December when I posted this:? {not sure where to put the question mark there...}
Did I call it, or what?
So, in celebration of living to see another birthday, I am going to boldly ask everyone I know, and any strangers that happen upon my blog, for a gift this year. It's not exactly FOR me, but BECAUSE of me. Let's pay it forward, shall we?
I want your blood. I have been a faithful blood donor for my whole adult life. It's an easy act of service that I never gave too much thought before. I pictured blood going to save a car crash victim or something similarly tragic. I never pictured a mom living to raise her baby because of a blood donation. After Eliza was born, I was the beneficiary of 6 selfless acts of service by some lovely A+ donors.
Since I can't personally thank these anonymous donors, I want to ask you to fill the blood bank nearest you! I am turning 34 on November 9th and would love to have 34 people (or more) tell me they donated blood between now and then. Or even after.
If you can't donate blood for some reason, recruit someone who can. If you can't find a willing bleeder, donate some time or $ to the Red Cross, ARUP, a hospital, or some other kind deed.
If you've never donated before, it is very simple. This is one of those cases where it is better to give {blood} than to receive {blood}! Be brave. Call me and I'll come hold your hand. Plus, you get a treat after for being a good kid! It only takes about 30 minutes and then you are on your way. You can even use it as a reason to avoid house work for 24 hours after!
I am so grateful that I am here to raise my daughters! I know that my miraculous recovery was aided by fresh blood from donors. I hope you'll consider donating blood this month. Please leave me a message afterward! Thanks for the gift of life! - (801) 892-4000 - (801) 584-5272

    While you're at it, register to be an organ donor!


Rhiannon said...

Oh Bean! You really are one amazing woman. I'm glad so many gave and you're here today also. I'm all about your birthday pressie and I'll see where I can go to give it to you. Happy Birthday, soon!

Corrine said...

Thanks, Lace! Love you!!

Laura said...

I did a double red donation last Tuesday, does that count? Tim has an appt this Tues to donate as well. I am so glad you're here to celebrate another birthday, and that your girls get to keep their wonderful mom!

Amy said...

I would love to give blood. Like you, I am alive today because of A+ blood donors who saved my life in July. I don't know how soon after losing that much blood I can qualify to give some away. Do you have any idea? I love to give blood--I'm a good bleeder, and it usually only takes me 10 minutes. An easy thing I can do to save a life! Happy Birthday, and next time I can safely give blood, I'll do it in your honor :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great idea! And knowing you, you won't stop until you've got double your goal!


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