Sunday, October 17, 2010

Words of wisdom from Abi

My sweet niece, Abi, was assigned to give a talk in Primary about the purpose of the church being to invite others to come unto Christ. Sometimes we lose sight of the real purpose of the things we do. Here's the talk she dictated to her mom. Abi knows what it's all about! She lives in PA and has the opportunity to make friends from all sorts of backgrounds. Her mom & dad are doing a great job with this little angel!

I am 4 years old and I go to preschool. At my preschool I have lots of friends like Logan, Thomas, and Abbey. My friends don’t go to primary. My friends are really nice and I like to play with them. Even though they don’t go to primary they are still nice people. I would love for them to come to primary with me. For them to come to primary I could have a play date with them and tell them about primary and invite them to come with me. I would say to them, “Come to primary and I’ll talk to you about Jesus and I’ll talk to you about Primary.”
Jesus is very nice and helps kids and so I want my friends to know about Him. I want them to know how Jesus and Heavenly Father made the Earth. I also want them to come to primary to learn the primary songs so if they wake up in the night and they’re scared they can sing a primary song to make them feel better. I feel happy when I go to Primary and I want my friends to feel happy too because I love my friends.
I hope I can be brave enough to tell my friends about Jesus Christ and how much I love Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Her mom, Hillary said "Maybe it's just me because I'm her mom, but isn't that the sweetest, most innocent little testimony of missionary work that just melts your heart?!?!?"

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Crystal said...

Very cute! Kids just get it and don't over complicate there testimony.


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