Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Question #2- Nauvoo

So, those of you who have gone to Nauvoo, here's what I want to know:

1- How long did it take to get there/ back?
2- How long would you recommend staying there? (with our kids, too)
3- Where did you stay & would you recommend it to others?
4- What was your favorite part of the trip?
5- What do you wish you had done differently?

I'm about to explode with excitement at the thought of this trip!!!! AHHHHHH!!! Nauvoo is exciting, but meeting the Arveseths there is the highlight!!!

Also, anyone living between here and there that could recommend a stopping point and/or would like visitors, let me know!


Jana and Kyla said...

We're kindof on the way...it would just be a 45 minute detour! But it's also only about a 5 hour drive from Salt Lake to here, so don't know if you'd want to do such a short day...but we would LOVE to have you!!

I haven't been to Nauvoo since I was in High School and I just remember going to all the different shops (blacksmith, candle making, gingerbread cookies, brick making, etc.)and riding the horse and buggy and seeing where the temple used to be. I'd love to go back to actually SEE the temple and not just a replica!

We've been wanting to take our kids as well...you'll have to let us know how it goes if you work it out. And honestly you are more than welcome to stay with us if you want/need to!!

Sorry for such a long comment!:)

Lisa Gibson said...

I can tell you that 5 hours is NOT enough. We had to do a running tour. :( There are tons of activities and crats and things that your girls would LOVE! I will send you a link for a relative who went out with her kids while her parents were on their mission so they did all the cool stuff. We managed to see the pageant which the kids loved, not sure when that starts. I also loved that we made time to go to Carthage Jail. That was the highlight of that leg of the trip for me. We stayed across the river which may have saved us lots of money but was close enough that it wasn't an inconvienience. I recommend at least a couple days. Make sure that you are there when the houses are open for tours, not all are since many are still private residences! I think that is it for this question, on to the 1st!

Tamara ViAnn said...

When I was 16 my family drove to Nauvoo. It took us two days of driving 8 hours each day. I won't lie.... it was miserable and that was without having little kids. I'd recommend leaving in the early evening and driving through the night as much as you can. Nauvoo was really fun and I'd say if you had 3 days you could do pretty much everything there with time to spare. It's a small town and while there is lots of stuff to do it's not like I'd spend a week there. Carthlidge isn't very far away and maybe takes up half a day.

I also remember we checked out Hannibal, Missouri (birthplace of Mark Twain). They had a really cool cave we toured in that town but I don't remember the name since it was years ago. If Atchison Kansas is on the way it's the birthplace of Amelia Airhart. Both of these towns have lots to do.

Chalise said...

Hey Corine
Right now we live about 5 hours from Nauvoo (and about 3 hours from Adam-ondi-ahman, Far West, Liberty, Independence) Nauvoo is MY place. I LOVE Nauvoo and have been several times. I have stayed several places but my favorites are Nauvoo State Park (if you like to camp) and the White House Inn. Val and I stayed there with our hubbies and it was awesome. They have a room that has 4 queen size beds for like $80 or $90 and it has a hot tub and deck with a grill and you can just store all your food in the fridge and cook your meals there. When we were there we had the whole house to ourselves. Way fun! I would try to stay at least 2-3 days. I love the missionary performers. Rondevu(sp?) in Old Nauvoo was really cute. The wagon ride is great. There is an old pioneer cemetary up Parley street that is neat. Like I said, we live in Omaha (Winter Quarters) and you are welcome to stay with us. There is a ton of fun family stuff here in Omaha too so if you would like more info, just e-mail me at chalisev@yahoo.com

Heidi said...

We went with Kyle's whole family (11 kids under 12) and I had a 5 week old baby and had just had a c-section and it was still an amazing trip. We flew to Chicago and the 5 hour drive was nasty with a newborn. We went in July for the pageant and it was amazing. Even our then two and a half year old was awake and watching the whole thing. If you can possibly go in the summer when they are doing it, it is well worth it. The hardest part there is figuring out food. They have very few close, convenient restaurants because it is such a small town. You have to drive to the next town to find normal fast food places. It was especially hard with such a big group. We stayed in some condos that Kyle,s dad,s cousin owns. I have no idea how expensive they were because Kyle's dad took care of it, but if you end up interested I could get you more info. They were 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with a kitchen. 3 or 3 1/2 days is what we spent, which was about right. The whole thing was amazingly kid friendly. It was my first time and something I had always wanted to do and I was really worried about going so soon after having a baby, but honestly it was perfect. I couldn't believe how much fun the kids had too.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

It took us about 18-20 hours, but Marit was 11 weeks old, so we stopped twice, once in Nebraska and once in DesMoine.
We went over Halloween, and it was fun to celebrate a holiday with the locals and missionaries to see how THEY do it. We stayed 2 nights, but that's because it was 'off season' and things close early when it isn't summer tourist time.
We stayed at the Nauvoo Family Hotel. It was great. THe breakfast was of good prtions and they have a pool wich you really need in the off season as to occupy children after dark - they may not want to sit through the musical program in the evening, at least NOT every night.
My fav part of the trip was . . .The fudge. Both times I went it seeme dot be all about the fudge!!!!!
The drive is less than exciting, especially for kids, there is not much to see accross Wyoming and Nebraska.
I know of a family from my mission, they have a house in Nauvoo that they rent out. I would not recommend it though. Whenyou get there you have to clean it to make it livable and then clean it again when you leave. It's pretty gross. It is fun to stay in the HUB of town, but I think things are not too far that a stay on the outskirst is plenty convenient and worth saving money on.

Lori Hall said...

Mom and I went in 2004. We spent 3 days there. 2 in Nauvoo and 1 in Carthage. I think I would have liked a day or two more in Nauvoo just to look through records and explore it a bit more. If you get a chance get with Mom (Aunt Susie) and get her advice too... It looks like everyone here has given you the same advice!

I am not sure how long it took us to drive from there to SLC... we took a couple detours because we were sight-seeing!

It is definitely worth the trip. I also recommend going to Far West and Adam-ondi-Amman and Liberty... They are fairly close and AWESOME!


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