Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Table of Contents

For Relief Society tonight, we are supposed to bring the Table of Contents for what would be the book of our life. I completely forgot until this morning waited until the last minute, so it isn't very detailed. I broke it into periods of similar experiences. Some chapters are filled with years of memories. Elmer's glue, pencil sharpeners, Sunshine Generation, running through sprinklers with my sister all kind of got lumped into the elementary years. My college years were had a deep impact on me, different reasons at different schools. My decade as a married woman has been filled to over-flowing with blessing, challenges, Tim's schooling, my children's schooling, and even a bit of my own. Church callings, PTA, carpools, family history, amazing friends and extended families growing closer together have all been part of the collage that is my life. Here's a general breakdown of what I would write. My life is a very rough draft that I try to edit, polish and make presentable with the hopes that I have something worth reading in the end. Maybe someday I'll share more excerpts of chapters gone by.

If you opened my book here's what you might find:

Corrine- A Very Rough Draft

Birth & early childhood- West siiiide

Elementary years- Great teachers, great experiences, great parents, great sisters

Middle school- Who isn’t awkward at this age?

High school- Girls just wanna have extra-curriculars

Dixie College- Of leaving, languishing and languages

Snow College- Temples, and roommates and future husband, OH MY!

Mission- servicio, amor, espiritu, esperando, esperanza

Newlyweds- Lay off the lay-offs already

Kids- Like Baby, Baby, Baby oh. Sleep is for sissies

Nowadays- Go where you’re needed, do what you can.


Rhiannon said...

Love it!

Becky said...

so cute!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Um, for you I would have made a chapter titled, "Of Births and Death"

Kelli said...

You did awesome! I loved it! SOOOO bummed we didn't get to sit together!


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