Wednesday, September 21, 2011

4th of July festivities- Moroni

Here's a peek into our Independence Day celebration in Moroni this year. We headed down early in the morning for the parade with all the Prestwich cousins.
Molly  & Brett's kids

Eliza happy in her stroller

Lydia chose her red, white and blue bubble romper after much deliberation.
The red twirly skirt was in her bag, just in case.

Brett & Madi waiting for candy

A newly-nine Jenna

Eliza & Tim- it was just cloudy enough to keep the temp bearable.

Aubrey having fun collecting treats with all the cousins- immediate & distant!

Lots of Prestwich offspring

Jenna's bday "cake." She chose ice cream sandwiches, so I stacked them all fancy-like.
Best cake ever!

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