Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have I ever told you...

...I have a wonderful husband! He's so perfect for me and my family. I am constantly reminded of that, and I thought I'd let world know, too.

The above picture was taken at the Salt Lake International Airport as I was leaving for San Jose, California, where I spent 18 months as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I met & dated Tim after he had served a mission in Arkansas. We dated for a while & then I left on my mission. He waited for me and supported me and I treasure that time as sacred. I have every letter he wrote to me during that time. (We couldn't call or email each other.) I treasure those letters! Who else these days has written correspondence from a loved one for that length of time? He still writes me cards and notes and is so supportive and patient with me!

But, the reason for this specific post right now, is so I can document another wonderful thing he does. He is so devoted to his parents, grandparents and siblings. He grew up around the corner from his paternal grandparents and spent a LOT of his childhood on the farm with his grandpa. His grandpa is now in his 90s and struggling. It torments Tim that he isn't close enough to help daily, the way he saw his dad & grandpa do with his great grandpa.

When Grandpa was brought to Utah Valley Regional Med Ctr a few years ago, Tim & I got there as the ambulance was pulling up to the doors and Tim didn't leave his side. When Grandpa got Life-flighted to Salt Lake a few months ago, Tim was waiting for him when he landed. He took time off work to sit with Grandpa for days when it looked like it might be the end.

Grandpa is now back in Moroni and his children are taking care of him around the clock. Tim took a day off a few weeks ago to spend the night and help for a few days. We got a call last week to see if Tim could help again and he gladly cleared his schedule to be there. He spent two days there doing anything and everything Grandpa needed with patience, dignity and love.

Tim, you are amazing! I love you!

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