Monday, October 24, 2011

A new find

I found a blog I had never seen before & I'm loving it. You've probably all seen it, but I'm going to share anyway. It's called Your Home Based Mom.

One thing I loved right away was a recipe I want to try- enchilada quiche. Maybe it's the hcg diet I'm doing right now, but it sounds so good to me!

As you gear up for the holidays, check out her series of tips for feeding a crowd. Whether it's your family party, Ward party, Relief Society dinner, PTA luncheon or a rockin' block party, have big parties! They're more fun!

Look at these fun things from her Super Saturday!

When you've got some time, go look! You'll want to stay a while!


Jana and Kyla said...

I have loved her website for a while now!! Not only does she have great recipes but everything is just done SO BEAUTIFULLY!! She is pretty amazing...glad you found her!:)

Jana and Kyla said...

P.S. She's also visited my cooking blog and left a few comments!! That was really exciting! And I have quite a few recipes on my blog from her site...I especially love her lemon cheesecake'll have to look it up!:)


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