Monday, October 31, 2011

Our door is always open

There's a cute little Primary song that goes something like this:

Our door is always open
To our friends who pass this way.
We're always glad to welcome a friend
When he passes along our way.

I hope you know that I feel the same way. We had so much fun with our dessert night last night & we were so glad to have so many dear friends in our home. We had a steady stream of visitors from 5 pm until 10:30pm. Amazing! We have been so richly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people here and will miss them so much.

No matter where we are or will be, you are always welcome in my home. (Unless you are a creepy stalker reading this.) I'm glad we have email and facebook to keep track of friends near and far. If you find yourself in our area, let me know! I mean it!

We were overwhelmed by the love and support and offers to help that we received yesterday at church and last night. Seriously! My mom always told me to leave everything better than I found it. I hope I have done that here and helped in some way that will be long-lasting. We have grown to love our neighbors as we have served together, worked together and received love and acts of service in our times of need.

I didn't know that our house could hold that many people or that much joy at once!

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