Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today  This week has been really stressful on the house selling/ buying/ moving front. Strange things have happened like the inspector showing up with no notice on the precise day that my house was the messiest it has been since before we listed it, finding out that the house we are buying is going to take longer than we thought, and driving to Saratoga Springs to look at a rental house for our mid-range plan, only to have the lady renting now refuse to let us in. Awesome. Today we were supposed to have our appraisal, the time got changed after the appraiser should have already been here, and then when he did come, he didn't bring his key to the lock box. I was gone as directed, so I couldn't let him in. We have to reschedule & start over. I was not a happy camper. If you saw my facebook post, now you know why... Our agent, Natalie, has been so great & is taking good care of us. It's the crazy things beyond our control that make me nuts. (Me, a control freak? Never...)

Anyway, today my sister and  I took our kids to Gardner Village to enjoy the fun Halloween atmosphere & kill time while the appraiser was{not} at my house. Part of the fun & tradition of GV is getting lunch at the Naborhood Bakery. Yummy! I'm doing another round of HCG, so that was off the menu, so to speak. I also love the cute candy store, Sweet Aftons. No dice. I kept reminding myself that I would be glad tomorrow that I didn't ruin my diet there.

Later we went to McDonalds so the kids could run around for a while longer. Again, I would have normally had lunch there, but just had water and the apple I brought with me.

After I found out about the key mess, I was headed to the grocery store for vegetables. When I got there, my usual reaction to medicate my stress with food was a struggle. Have you ever had the chocolate chip cookies from Smith's bakery? They can cure many ills. But it went and bought a new flavor of gum instead.

Tonight for Relief Society we had a progressive dinner. I almost didn't go because I knew I wouldn't be eating with everyone, but I really wanted to go visit with the great ladies in my ward. I ate before I left & took my apples slices with me. I ate apples while we visited. No cared that I wasn't eating enchiladas and it felt so much better by the end of the night.

On my way home, I was mentally counting the calories that I would have consumed if I hadn't been doing hcg today. Sandwich and/or cookie, fudge, maybe McDonalds, cookies or candy bar at Smiths, chips, salsa, enchiladas, salad, and an assortment of desserts at RS. Wow. It would have been a very bad food day. I thought to myself, "This must be how people with self-control feel." Sad, but true. It was by no means a typical day for me, but I would have not given it much of a thought to enjoy all that food.

And the Diet Coke I would have consumed today! Let's not go there.

I'm so glad I stuck to my plan. I am worth it!


Anonymous said...


I laughed when I read the "this must be what it's like for people with self control" part. I wonder what that's like ALL THE TIME!

Way to go!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you stuck to it! Sorry your day was so crappy.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I hear you!


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