Friday, February 3, 2012

Creative gift giving

I have been the grateful recipient of some amazing gifts in my day. They aren't necessarily huge or expensive, but incredibly thoughtful and insightful. The best gift-givers pay attention and they remember- months later- that thing you mentioned off-hand that you liked. I showed you my UUuuuu vinyl decal from Kelli. Genius! My sister, Hillary, made us a book of the trip to Nauvoo that our families took last April. I cried the first time I read it- to the point where I couldn't speak- and I still get teary just thinking about it! Brilliant!

I am trying to be a more thoughtful gift giver. Even a more thoughtful compliment giver. We've been so focused on selling our house and moving for nearly a year now that I feel like I have not been looking outside of me enough. I will work on that. For now, how about being a creative gift giver? Creative gift wrapper? Why not!

(forgive the fuzzies)
Got something awkward to wrap? Make it look like something else! Jenna gave her friend a little make up bag filled with lip gloss, hair accessories, earrings, etc. To wrap it, we covered it with some plain brown craft  paper, taped some ribbon on the sides like a handle and taped a button over the flap we cut to look like a purse. She might have been confused at first, but her friend loved the wrapping! (Jenna took the picture in the car on the way to the party.

For the person who has everything- gift cards are a fairly safe bet, but a little boring. I had a BIG thank-you to give, so I grouped gift cards to Chili's, Home Depot and Jiffy Lube (since I knew the receiver frequents these places) and I found that "You Rock" gift tag with a little chain already attached. I added a note on a plain piece of paper and put it between the tag and the first card so you could better see the "You Rock." Simple, yet effective.

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Kelli said...

That is creative! By the time I actually figure out a present my brain is too abused to think of a decent way to wrap.


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