Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The best laid plans of mice and men...

We had kind of a crazy day yesterday, so I thought I'd help you feel a little better about YOUR day!

7:30 Leisurely wake up because Jenna is off track. Since we have all this extra time, I decide to make a t-shirt dress to show at our Enrichment activity in a few hours.

8:55 Since we were lazy this morning, make a mad dash to get Aubrey to preschool on time, promising Jenna we can get her some breakfast at McDonald's after we drop Aubrey off, but before we go set up the activity at the church.

9:05 Pull into McDonald's parking lot, only to realize my wallet is in my purse at home, rather than in the diaper bag. Assure freaking-out Jenna that we can go get said wallet and return before going to the church.

9:10 Get home, leave Jenna and Lydia in the car with the engine off, but the battery on so they can listen to Sarah, Plain and Tall on CD while I get the paint, dress, and keys for the Enrichment activity and my wallet and cell phone out of my purse.

9:25 Back to McDonald's for the promised hash brown and sausage. (And Diet Coke for me.)

9:40 Pull up to church to set up, but there is a big white kidnapper-style utility van parked there, so we park where we can see it and listen to more of our book on CD. (engine off, battery only to save gas, right?)

9:50 Nice old man come out of the church to sweep the walks, it's his van and I could totally take him out with the stroller if needed, so we head into the church to set up.

10:00 Have a great start to our humanitarian service enrichment group. We painted blocks for the Humanitarian center and made plans to make t-shirt dresses for Mothers Without Borders to take to Zambia. Had a wonderful sister volunteer to take on that project!

10:50 Leave my kids with the other ladies at the church while I go pick up Aubrey from preschool. Listen to more of our book while I wait.

11:04 Back to the church, finish the activity. Kids make numerous trip to the bathroom for entertainment purposes, I'm sure.

12:15 On our way home from the church I decide that today would be a good day to try out free day at the Natural History Museum at the U. Leave the kids in the car listening to the book while I be a good mom and make lunch instead of buying something along the way. (My nobility always gets me in trouble!)

I call Molly to see if she wants to meet us there. Also called Kat to see if she wants to come. Called Tim to let him know our plans.

12:30 Back to the car to head out. Wondering why the kids turned off the CD. (Can you see where this is going?) Battery is DEAD! Luckily Tim rode to work with a co-worker today, so I dig the jumper cables out of his car and jump start the van. OK. Off we go!

Once we are most of the way down 6200 South, past all gas stations, Aubrey starts frantically telling me she needs to go potty. Since Lydia is sleeping and I don't dare turn my van off for fear of a dead battery, I call Kat to meet us in a Wendy's parking lot so I can run inside with Aubrey.
Problem solved, right.
Two minutes later I hear, "Oh no, I'm sitting in pee."
Another call to Kat to meet me at Target instead and I will go buy some dry pants and undies.

I head inside with Jenna, who now needs to go potty (remember they spent half of the time at the church IN THE BATHROOM).

As we are in line with pants and undies in hand, my phone rings. It's Kat. Aubrey's shirt is also soaked. Back to the clothing section for a shirt. My free day at the museum cost me about $30 by this point. As I was getting Aubrey changed I realized I just bought an outfit almost identical to one I gave her for her bday- khaki capris and a coral t-shirt (no wonder I liked it so much).

1:30 After one more trip into the bathroom with Aubrey, we are finally on our way to the museum.

The museum was great, especially the free part. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I have to wait for Kat to post about it so I can steal her pictures, but it was definitely a memorable day!

PS Here are some pics, courtesy of Kat.

Here are the kids inside a replica of an indian shelter.

Now that's scary! Tyranochildren!

Lydia is actually TRYING to touch Makalya this time.

These pictures are both part of a replica of a mine typical at Brighton, Alta, or Park City. There was a soundtrack playing mining noises in the background, which was a little creepy because it was so dark. (Jenna is covering her ears and being brave.)


Hillary said...

Oh man, I feel out of breath just reading your fun day! I'm impressed you still headed to the museum, I probably would have given up. Don't you love those free days to museums and such? We just took advantage of a free museum out here today.

Hopefully today is going better!

Em said...

I have to catch my breath after reading your blog.:-) A busy day, indeed!!

The Gibbys said...

it is sad when driving around to find somewhere to park, the hike up 200 south, and running around the museum with 5 kids is the easiest part of the day. They say getting there is half the fun, I would say half the adventure! We had a great time, Zach even fell asleep on the way home.Even better.

Crystal said...

Corrine- I hope you don't mind a comment from me. I totally love your blog. I especially love how you describe your adventures. You are so witty. You are a awesome mom! And have beautiful girls! ~Crystal


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