Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jenna and Aubrey started soccer last Saturday and LOVE it! We had to talk Jenna out of wearing her uniform to bed that night and both girls keep putting their uniforms on randomly over their clothes.
Aubrey's team is called the Dragons. She is the only girl on her team and is by far the shortest! It was hilarious to watch them all chase the ball around the field in a swarm. Too cute!

If you want to come see a game, let me know.

Jenna's team is called Lightning Dragons. She is one of three girls and is one of the tallest kids on her team. Both girls love running and are very good at kicking the ball on the run. We are still working on aiming towards the goal, but we'll get there. We are so proud of them and their hard work. They were very tough and listened to their coaches very well. What great kids!

This is Jenna with her teammate, Maddie.

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Hillary said...

So cute! Aubrey looks really short in her long shirt, how fun! How long does their season last? If she still has games in July we'd love to come.


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