Thursday, April 24, 2008

Murphy's Law Thursday

Some of my friends do great blog entries they call "Flashback Fridays" where they post stories from their childhood or college days. I am going to start having "Murphy's Law Thursdays." They always seem to be my craziest days. Perhaps it is because Tim works late every other Thursday so we are looking for more adventures to fill the day, but the craziest things seem to happen.

Last Thursday, Tim and his brother went fishing in the Uintas, so I took the girls to Springville to play with the cousins while the dads were gone. We were having a great time with Janika and her kids, outside picnicking in the sun. Aubrey was running around shoeless as is her nature and came running towards us screaming bloody murder. If you know Aubrey, you know she she is very tough. Her usual respone to injury is to jump and say "I'm okay" through stifled tears or groans. With her screams, I knew something was terribly wrong with her!

She had run her foot over a brick and peeled of a good portion of her skin. It was very messy! Hamburger comes to mind. We cleaned it up as best we could with her kicking and screaming. Janika was very prepared with Bandaids in her car, so we bandaged her up. She wanted to be held, so I had her on my lap for a few minutes and checked the bandaids, which were soaked. I was worried that she might need stitches, so we called the insurance company and found the closest doctor on our insurance was in Provo, so we went on a little journey while Janika watched the other two. Bless her heart, Janika had my 5 year old, her 3 year old, her one year old with chicken pox and my year-old mama's girl! I should have sent her to the doctor's- it would have been a break for her!

So that was the Murphy's Law event for that day.

Rewind three weeks ago:

Driving home from my parents' house on a Thursday afternoon, I ran over a crow bar on 6200 South that left me with a very flat tire. (Thank goodness for Discount Tire road hazard insurance) Tim got me all fixed up, no sweat.

Back to today:

We went to meet Tim for lunch, since he has Planning Commission tonight and gets home a little late. On our way out of Bajio, he noticed my back tire was going flat. There was a huge industrial staple (about two inches long) stuck in the side wall of my tire, ironically the same tire as the crowbar. I guess my magnetic personality has rubbed off on my tires. Ü Once again, we were blessed to be a few blocks away from another Discount Tire, so Tim dropped us off on his way back to work. They were very fast and we were back on the road in no time. The girls had fun watching them change the tire and balance the new one on the machine.

Hopefully next week will be less eventful!


Hillary said...

Are you ever home??? I've been trying to reach you for days now. So what ended up happening with Aubrey's foot? Did she need stitches? Could she walk on it alright?
From the sounds of things, you need to start staying home on Thursdays, it might even help to start wearing a helmet or something just to be safe. :)

The Gibbys said...

Hill--Aubrey's foot started to close up on the way to the doctor. She is ok--no stitches.

Barbara said...

aren't you glad for "road hazzard"
option! Hey if you stayed home you wouldn't have problem solving adventures and get to meet all those nice doctors and mechanics...


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