Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm so glad it's Earth Day!

On Tuesday, Jenna told me, "Mom, I'm so glad it's Earth Day." OK... In honor of Earth Day, we went to look at dead animals. Ü
We went with Kat & her kids, the Bentleys, and two VanAmens to Cabela's in Lehi.

We saw the giant fish tank/aquarium. Feeding time isn't until 6 pm, but they are fun to watch swimming around. The fish are HUGE! We even saw a white catfish- kind of creepy!

We also went through the display of animals that are native to our mountains, the African animals, and the Arctic display. We had to stop at the waterfall and feed the fish.

I think the favorite activity for all of the kids was the target shooting. Tanner V. was especially good at it! We all had a great time! Definitely worth the price of admission. There were lots of other young moms with strollers there enjoying a free activity! Thanks everyone for coming with us!


The Gibbys said...

that was really fun, who would have thought going to a sporting goods store could be so entertaining. Zach keeps talking about shooting the guns and the bears jumping out from behind the tress.

kanaboke said...

Hi, I'm pretty sure you don't remember/know me, but you do know my hubby Aaron Weight. Just wanted to drop by and say that you have the most Darling Kids!! Saw you on Crystal's blogspot and I'm the worse BlogStalker there is..hope ya don't mind. We also live in an area where everybody's having babies (Aaron's finishing up here at USU) so I/friends o' mine may be ordering some of your awesome baby stuff you make!!


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